Fight The Masses Celebrity- Style And Protect Your Privacy

It can become frustrating to have your privacy taken away from you after you gain some sort of fame or notoriety. There will be people who recognize and try to talk to you everywhere you go; there will be phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize; there will be emails you cannot or do not want to read and more gossip about you online that you have heard in your entire life. Here are some tips on how to navigate the rocky road of sudden fame in a way that protects your privacy while maintaining your stardom:

Avoid the Internet

Unfortunately, the Internet has become the dumping ground of every unnecessary bit of information that is generated, including gossip and rumour. The best way to handle it is to stay away from it. Never, ever Google yourself unless you are steeled to see the worst that the world thinks and says of you. Remember that you know yourself better than anyone else. If emails and other online communication is also becoming a problem, announce on social media that you cannot get to all of it, or that you will but it will take some time. Since there are so many forms of communication online, use them to your advantage. Make the internet work for you, not the other way around.

Surround Yourself with Security

Another way in which you can avoid being trampled by the masses is to have security people flank you. Or find personal protection dogs for sale and buy one to keep you safe. Many high- profile people prefer a dog to a retinue of security as this draws less attention to themselves. Since many celebrities own pets that they take with them everywhere, it provides the perfect cover as well.

Personal protection dogs for sale from reputed companies or stores are offer trained guard pets one or more individuals in various situations and will do so loyally (and at far less cost than several men and women in suits and sunglasses).

Do Some PR

A reasonable amount of public relations every now and then is the best way to keep fans and followers at bay. If you clam up completely and offer no news whatsoever, the masses tend to become worse. Instead, try posting weekly updates on social media, and give sound bites and quick interviews at events. Another way to manage fans and fame is to actually engage with them, via social media if reality is too scary, and make them feel that you are as human as they are and require your privacy and space. Once you establish your boundaries, you will find that they tend to respect it. Even the media is less likely to interrogate the life of someone who keeps up a constant stream of information flowing.